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We understand non-profits – it’s about engaging with the heart of people and embracing the cause served by your organization.  Community Connection intends to be your partner, empowering you each step of the way with administrative tools that allow you to direct your efforts to doing the work you are most passionate about!

Empowering people to DONATE

Community Connection makes it easier than ever for individuals and groups to give of their time, talents and financial resources. Through a Community Connection personalized account, complete with unique profile and secure login, monetary donations can be made securely online. Individuals can browse & schedule available volunteer opportunities and quickly connect with your organization’s staff.

Empowering people to VOLUNTEER

Community Connection provides your staff and volunteer community with easy-to-use online group management tools that help with scheduling, recruiting & communicating with group members. Group email and text is just a simple click away. Community Connection also aides philanthropic-minded volunteers in raising support and tracking fundraising efforts for service trips related to your non-profit through their very own myTrip profile.

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