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Areas to Empower VOLUNTEERING:

Registration | Text Preferences | Communication | Group Management | Coordination

Community Connection empowers people to VOLUNTEER by providing staff with administrative tools that help the organization to engage with the community.

  • Registration – Discover and sign-up for groups, Camps, Trips, Classes and Studies.
  • Text Preferences – Subscribe to receive text message alerts for relevant information including weather cancellations, volunteer reminders and group-specific text messages.
  • Communication – Access staff directory with email and text capabilities; as well as download the missed weekly announcements or updates. Also, facilitate group communication.
  • Group Management – Access group rosters and quickly update meeting dates/time on shared group calendar. Community Connection makes group emails or texts a simple click away.
  • Team Support – Each trip member can create a personal profile page (with weblink) – featuring a customizable message to potential supporters and the ability to accept online donations, track fundraising progress, email a support letter, and send updates to enrolled donors/partners.  Trip members can also email/text each other as they plan their next shared adventure.

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